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Video of Girl Caught Masterbating in her Office

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As I mentioned before, I was recently made aware of a couple of new videos of girls caught masterbating in the office. Today I'm posting up the second of the two and I know all the voyeurs out there are going to love it...

Video Of Girl Caught Masterbating

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This video was taken using a hidden camera left amongst some files on the top of a cabinet. It's so easy to get hold of these cameras these days that we are seeing more and more videos of girls caught in compromising positions. This chick had no idea she would be caught when she decided to lock the door one lunch time for a bit of private time with her fingers.

This video is really great quality and you can clearly see every detail as the hot office girl locks her door, returns to her chair and spreads her legs. She pulls her panties to one side and begins to stroke her pussy lips before taking a carrot from her lunch box and slipping it inside her slippery twat. You can see her fingers rapidly rubbing her clit as she fucks herself with the improvised sex toy.

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Girls Caught Masterbating in the Office

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I've just been sent links to two new videos of girls caught masterbating in the office. This first video shows an office girl masterbating in her boss's office one afternoon when he was out at a meeting. She was obviously completely unaware of the security camera and thought she had found a good private place for a bit of personal relaxation time. How wrong she was!

Women Caught Masterbating

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The security camera was in a perfect position to catch this office girl coming into the boss's office, locking the door and getting comfortable in his big leather chair. At first she lifts one leg over the chair arm and pulls her panties to the side to get access to her pussy. You can clearly see her fingers massaging her pussy lips and rubbing her clit.

After a while the secretary seems to decide she needs to be more comfortable and stands up to take off her panties. When she sits back down she lifts both legs onto the bosses desk and spreads her legs wide so she can finger fuck her pussy. At the same time she pulls down her top and starts to play with her nipples. She masterbates like this for a good ten minutes and then you can see her body begin to twitch and shake as she approaches orgasm. With a few frantic flicks of her clit she reaches her peak and you can see her legs clamp tightly together as she bites her lip to stifle any noise.

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Mom Caught Masterbating At Home

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This hot mom was caught masterbating at home on a sunny summer's day. Wearing just a short skirt and bikini top she had gone inside to cool off when her young neighbour sneaked in the yard with his camcorder. He managed to find this gap in the blinds and caught the sexy mom undressing and masterbating in her armchair. As you can see from this screenshot, she had already removed the top of her bikini and the young neighbour was stunned to see her lovely natural tits exposed.

Mom Caught Masterbating

Mom Caught Masterbating - Watch Here

This video of a hot mom caught masterbating by her sneaky young neighbour is one of the best I've seen in ages and that's why I wanted to share it with you guys. The quality of the video is excellent considering the guy was obviously scared stiff of getting caught. You get some excellent views of her tits and even a pretty good view of her pussy lips as she rubs herself up and down with her fingers. And her climax is just stunning. When she cums you can see her whole body twitching and there is even a hint of a low moaning sound that is picked up by the camcorder.

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Girl Caught Masterbating In Her Apartment

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Hot blonde girl caught masterbating... this extremely hot blonde girl was caught masterbating in her apartment thanks to a high-spec digital SLR camera and a military grade surveillance lens! I know there are some pretty serious voyeurs out there, and I've sneaked more than my fair share of pictures of unsuspecting girls, but this has got to be the ultimate in long distance spying.

Girl Caught Masterbating

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It's no wonder this girl wasn't bothering to draw the blinds; she could hardly have imagined anyone would be able to see her from so far away. But thanks to modern telescopic lenses she was caught in the act wearing nothing but her sexy undies and sliding her slippery fingers into her sweet wet pussy. It's one of the best sets of long-distance spy photos you will find anywhere. And the best thing is, you can download the lot on this link...

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Office Girl Caught On Cam Masterbating

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This office girl was caught on cam masterbating in her lunch break. The hidden surveillance camera caught the unsuspecting girl pleasuring herself with her leg raised on the desk and her fingers buried in her pussy. I don't know the origins of this one, but it looks like it's from a building security cam. It looks genuine too!

Girl Caught On Cam Masterbating

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I wonder how many office girls enjoy masterbating in the office when nobody is watching? Quite a few I'd say, judging by the number of security cam tapes that can be found in various places around the Internet. Most of the time they are posted anonymously by some security guard and it's hard to know what the story behind them is. But even if you don't know where they came from it's pretty awesome watching some unsuspecting girl fingering her pussy when she thinks she's alone!

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